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Please read through these questions carefully before contacting us!

The admin inbox only gets checked once a week/fortnight. If your query is urgent, please contact OzBrat on Tumblr to get our attention quickly.


How do I contact the site administrators?

You can e-mail us via our contact form.

However, the admin inbox only gets checked once a week/fortnight. If your query is urgent, please contact OzBrat on Tumblr to get our attention quickly.



I forgot my password!  What do I do now?

To recover a lost password, click here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered.
Your new password will be sent to you shortly.


The ‘Lost Password’ function doesn’t work for me. Why?

We can’t pin down exactly why this function doesn’t work for certain members. If you try the Lost Password button and it doesn’t work, send us an email through our ‘Contact Us’ page. In this email, include your username AND the email with which you used to register (for security purposes). One of our admins will go in and manually change your password to something generic. You will receive a response email with this generic password, and with that, you will be able to log in and change that generic password to the password of your choosing.


How do I change my password?

Go to your bio page. At the bottom of that page you'll see two password fields. "Password" and "Confirm Password". Simply type your preferred new password in both fields, then click "Submit", and you're done.


I forgot my username! Help!

Send an email using our ‘Contact Us’ page. You do not have to be logged in to be able to use this feature. In your message, include the email that you used to register with the site. With that, we can search through our database and retrieve your username, which will send to you in a response email.


How do I change my username?

First of all, do NOT make another account. That only gives us more to keep track of. To edit your pen/username, send us an email (through our ‘Contact Us’ button) with your current username and the username you would like it to change it to. Only admins can change usernames. We don’t know why you can’t change your own (we’ve looked into it) but for now, this is how it has to be done. As soon as one of the admins has completed your request, you will receive an email in response, saying your username has been changed.


How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go, but if you would like to delete your account, send us an email through our ‘Contact Us’ page. You don’t have to give us a reason why or anything like that, just email us and be sure to include your username and the fact that you want to delete your account. It’s best to be 100% sure, however, because upon deletion, any stories you have published cannot be retrieved, and you will no longer be able to keep track of any favorite stories/authors.


What kinds of stories are allowed?

CrissColfer (Meaning Darren Criss/Chris Colfer). Please see our Submission Rules for more information.


How do I submit stories?

Alrighty kids, this is how this is going to work. This interface is different from that of other sites, so we'll give a step-by-step process with a few hints and tips.

  • If you haven't already done so, you'll need to register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on the Account Info Tab and choose Add Story. Below the submission rules, which you are required to read, you're going to see a lot of text boxes.
  • Hint #1: You can expand the size of the boxes by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of each box.
  • Titles and summaries are required.
  • Under each text box, you'll see a check box that says 'tinyMCE'. By having that box checked, it gives you the formatting bar. (bold, italicize, underline, paragraph settings, etc.) You can turn this off at any given time.
  • Hint #2: Mozilla/Firefox users: If tinyMCE is turned on, you may have an issue with the copy/paste function. To avoid this issue, turn OFF tinyMCE OR you can avoid it by right clicking anywhere in the box that is NOT next to the flashing dialogue cursor in order to paste.
  • Story notes are going to be your general author's notes for the ENTIRE story. These will show up after a reader has clicked on your story and above the chapter list.
  • Chapter notes are going to be author's notes at the beginning of each SPECIFIC chapter. End notes are author's notes that are shown at the end of each specific chapter.
  • Select your categories. By clicking the arrow next to the category list box, it will be added to the blank box, meaning that category will be listed. To choose another category, select 'back to main categories' and repeat the process.
  • Choose your characters. To choose multiple characters, hold 'ctrl' and select your next one.
  • Hint #3: ONLY CHOOSE PROMINENT CHARACTERS THAT WILL BE FEATURED. Chris and Darren should ALWAYS be chosen, considering this is a CrissColfer fanfic site.
  • Rate your story. Let your readers know whether it is complete or not. If your story is a round robin, please select the round robin box.
  • Hint #4: A round robin is a collaborative fic in which a number of authors write chapters of a story in rounds.
  • Story text is where you'll put your story. (obviously) There are multiple ways to upload your story:
  1. Copy/paste from another site where your story is published.
  2. To copy from Microsoft Word, choose the Microsoft Word clipboard you'll see on the formatting bar (if tinyMCE is turned on) and paste your story in the popout box. BE WARY. By doing this, your spacing might be off.
  3. Your best bet is to save your document as a Plain Text file (if you're using Word). By doing this, you can now upload your story using the Story Text (file) uploader. You'll want to click PREVIEW, not SUBMIT so you can go back and add your page breaks.
  4. Hint #5: The page break button is the horizontal line ruler in the formatting bar (if tinyMCE is turned on) next to what looks like a picture of an eraser.
Click ADD STORY! Your story will be posted!

We know this seems like a lot, but TRUST us, once you've done it once or twice, you'll be uploading stories in a flash.


What are the ratings used on the site?

We have decided to use a rating system similar to that of the MPAA, normally used for films. We've done this because the ratings for the MPAA are what people normally see and we think they might understand them easier. To explain:

G: Suitable for all ages. Must be free of coarse language, violence, and adult themes. Think animated Disney movie.

PG: Not necessarily suitable for all ages, but should still be free of coarse language, violence, and adult themes. Think non-animated Disney movie.

PG-13: Suitable for teens. May include minor coarse language, minor violence, and minor suggestive adult themes.

R: Not suitable for all ages. May include coarse language, violence, and suggestive adult themes.

M: If you've got smut, it goes under this category, no question about it.


What are the story classifications?

Stories are classified by categories, genres, and warnings.


What does Round Robin mean?

A Round Robin fic is a collaborative fic in which the authors take turns writing the story in rounds, usually by chapters. For instance, I would write a chapter, then my friend here would write a chapter, then another friend writes a chapter, then it's my turn again. (this was listed above, under how to submit a story, as hint number 4)


Help! I don't see the tinyMCE option below my text boxes so I have no format bar!

Most likely you have the tinyMCE preference turned off. Under your Account Info tab, select Edit Preference. Make sure the box is checked next to the 'Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor'. That should solve your problem.


Where can I find a beta?

On our members page in the dropdown.


What does the little yellow bird mean?

The little yellow bird (Pavarotti, we call him) is the symbol for a round robin (defined above). Most of the stories on this site probably aren't round robins. Authors, please be sure that, if your story is not a round robin, you uncheck the box that says it is. Occasionally people will accidentally click the round robin check box when they really mean to check the 'completed' check box as they are right next to each other on the upload form. Please be sure you're checking the appropriate things.


What are the little symbols (the stars) next to the titles of the story?

The stars are the rating system.


What do the ribbons mean?

Blue ribbon: featured story.

Red Ribbon: story has been featured in the past.


The 'Completed Only' feature of the Advanced Search doesn't work.

This seems to be a bug within the code of the site. However if you search via the browse button, the completed feature will work.


Can you save whole stories as ePubs or PDFs?

Yes! How to save a whole story as an ePub or PDF


I'm following a work in progress story and I want to be notified when the next chapter is up. How do I do that?

First, you're going to have to register with the site. (There's no way around that, sadly, though we did try. But you aren't required to post fics even if you register.) After registering, favorite the story you want to keep track of. Then, under the Account Info tab, click Edit Preferences. There, you will see the option to check a box next to 'contact when favorites are updated'. Check it. Voila! The next time a chapter is added, you will be notified via the email with which you registered.


What's the difference between Tracking a story and making it a Favorite?

This has been causing a bit of confusion, so hopefully this now explains things..

Track: The main feature for tracking stories is the ability to search through them. So if you're only tracking 2 or 3 fics, this is kind of pointless. If you're tracking a whole stack though, going to the Tracked Fics Page allows you to search within them.

So say you've tracked 100 fics and you're in the mood for some smut you've already read, you can search for M rated fics and all your favorite M rated fics will appear. Or again say you've tracked 100 fics and you know that somewhere in there there was a fic with Finn Hudson that you wanted to check up on or get back to, you can do a search for Finn Hudson in the character field and the fic will show up.

Another feature of tracking is once you're on the story page, 'You last read this story on Month DD, YYYY' will show right above the chapter listing, or it will appear on the page of an actual chapter, right down the bottom just above the place for you to leave feedback. Be warned though, it simply takes note of when you last visited the page. So if you're just looking through your fics but not actually reading them, you might be getting a false reading.

Cons of tracking: Tracking doesn't have an email notifications feature.

Favorite: Pretty much the main good thing about the Favorite feature is the ability to receive email notifications.

Cons of favoriting: It doesn't allow you to search like tracking does.

Our conclusion? Do both!! If you like a fic, both favorite AND track it. It'll save confusion and give you all the features you can get :)


I can’t find a story I favorited. What happened?

More than likely, you didn’t click ‘Submit’ when favoriting. When favoriting a story, be sure to click ‘Submit’ under the comment box after you hit the ‘add story to favorites’ button. Without this action, the story will not be added to your favorites list.


The site skin I prefer won’t save. How can I fix this?

There are two fixes we know of for this issue.

1. Go to Account Info > Edit Preferences > Select the skin you want from the drop down box > Click ‘Submit’. After you do this, log out and then log back in. This should fix the problem

2. If not, try this: You should see a drop down box at the top of the main page. Select the skin you want. The skin change should be immediate.

If neither of these options work, send an email through the ‘Contact Us’ page.


I am unable to use the registration CAPCHA. How else can I create an account?

Send an email using our ‘Contact Us’ page. In this email, state that you cannot use the CAPCHA, give us an email you want to register with, and the username you would like to register with. We will create an account for you with that information and a generic password. You will receive an email in response with your username and that generic password. After that, you can log in and change your password under Account Info > Edit Bio.


I accidentally deleted my story! Can I get it back?

There is absolutely no way we can retrieve a deleted story. If you’re not already typing up your stories in a word processor (Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.) before uploading your story (i.e. if you’re typing it directly into the text box on the site), we suggest you copy/paste your story and save it in another document on your computer or another hard drive (memory stick, removable hard drive, etc.). That way, if you accidentally delete your story, you have it saved elsewhere.


Why won’t my story publish?

First off, make sure you’ve filled in any and every box marked with a red asterisk (*). It will not publish when any of those are empty. Always double check this. If you’re absolutely positive that you’ve filled in all of these boxes, chosen a rating, etc, send an email via our ‘Contact Us’ page. In this email, include your username, the email with which you used to register, the story title, the summary, the rating, and a FILE ATTACHMENT of your story in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT. With this information, we will upload the story for you under your penname in its basic format (no italics, no page breaks, etc). You will then receive an email in response, alerting you to the fact that the story is posted. After this, you can obviously go in and make any necessary changes to the story after it is uploaded.


How do I add pictures to my stories?

You'll need to upload your pics to an external site. We recommend ImageShack. Once you've signed up (it's free), you can then upload the pic(s) you want to use and ImageShack will give you a direct link web address.

Once you have that web address, you then paste it in to the " Image URL" field when adding a picture.


Disclaimer: In no way are the works of this site claiming to be an accurate representation of any real persons. All stories featured on this site are fictional and are in no way affiliated with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, or any other recognizable persons. No copyright infringement is intended. No money is being made off of this site. All original plots are the property of the individual writers and plagiarism of individual works will not be tolerated. Authors and works featured on this site do not represent the views and opinions of the Administrators. It Could Happen © 2011-2018 ( believing it could happen )